Mercer Medicine Rx Med List CardIt pays to be organized—especially when communicating important health information such as your medical history and current medications with your physicians and other health care providers. To make this task easier and more effective for our patients and clinical staff, Mercer Medicine developed the Rx Med List card to help you easily organize and keep track of the medications you take on a daily basis.

On the Rx Med List card, you can:

  • List the names and dosages of your medications—both prescription and over-the-counter varieties
  • List any vitamins, dietary and/or herbal supplements you are taking and how often you take them
  • Record the dates of common immunizations, such as pneumococcal, tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis, hepatitis A & B, etc.
  • List any medical conditions or allergies you may have
  • List names and phone numbers of people to contact for you in an emergency
  • List the names and phone numbers of your physicians and pharmacies
  • The location of an advanced directive, if you have one available.

Mercer Medicine Rx Med List cards are available for free at any Mercer Medicine location. You may also call (478) 301-4111 to have one mailed to you or you can download an electronic copy to your computer.