G. Allen Tindol Jr, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine

Dr. Tindol graduated from the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech, and in 1990 received his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine. He completed his internal medicine residency at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia in 1993, where he remained on the residency teaching faculty through 1999, returning 2012 through 2015. In 2001, he completed the Public Health Informatics Fellowship Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), during which, in New York City in the autumn of 1999, he participated in the investigation of the initial West Nile Virus outbreak in the United States. From 2002 through 2006, he practiced as a general internist in his hometown of Dublin, Georgia, and from 2006 through 2011, he served as an internist on the inpatient leukemia treatment team at Emory University Hospital, where he co-designed and employed an information system tailored to inpatient leukemia care. He is board certified in internal medicine.

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