Breast Cancer Awareness at Mercer Medicine

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Mercer Medicine office decided to celebrate the lives of women and men who have been impacted by this illness. Many of them have had family members or friends that have dealt with this illness, in addition to the patients that they treat.

During this time, many patients appreciated Mercer Medicine celebrating this month of awareness. They stood together, “United in Pink,” to bring about awareness, and to celebrate the life of one of our co-workers that was dealing with breast cancer at the time.

Cathy McClinton, a medical receptionist at Mercer Medicine, had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was proud to tell others how she stood and defeated this illness. During her treatments, Cathy did not miss one day of work. The entire time she was very upbeat and hopeful. October marked the last of her daily early morning treatments and it was absolutely something to be celebrated! Most of Mercer Medicine staff wore their shirts in celebration of her life and the lives of other loved ones.

Now the Mercer Medicine team wears their shirts every Friday! Charles Duffy, Chief Operating Officer at Mercer Medicine, explains "It has been a great success and will become a new tradition that Mercer Medicine honors every October."